This is my page about MY Van


Jess(ica) for (J)Es(cort) is my '97 Escort Van, bought in August 2002.  She had completed 93,000 miles when I took her on, and is now running at about 106k.  Originally made for the Hotpoint fleet, her working life was in Sheffield, close to my heart and post-uni employment...I may even have chased her without knowing it!

The markings are all carefully within the regulations relevant to the vehicle, its intended purpose, and neccessary health and safety guidelines.


The latest on Jess is her glorious technicolour, for you to see here.

Since this pic I have been working very hard, and Jess is now a fully working and marked Recovery, Rescue and Dog Van.  There is communications equipment, rescue gear - towing, roping, hauling, and anchorage, jacking, and repairing.  Shortly to arrive will be a two section Dog cage, removable and collapsible. I am now the proud owner of a made to fit dog cage. Click here to find more out about it, its design, cost, manufacture etc.